IPP in the Media

David Valentine of the Institute of Public Policy was the kickoff speaker at the conference "Term Limits for State Legislators: Two Decades of Lessons" sponsored by the Center for Ethics in Public Life, UM-St. Louis, on October 6. Other speakers included Paul Jacob, leading term limits advocate, former Senator Wayne Goode, and Former Speaker Steven Tilley.

Dr. Clark Peters' research on the potential use of social workers in the juvenile justice system was recently highlighted in the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Dr. David Valentine's recent publication, "The Impact and Implications of Term Limits in Missouri" is the subject of an article circulated by the Associated Press to a large number of state and national media outlets.

IPP Policy Analyst Emily Johnson is quoted in an article about the efforts to get college students more involved in elections.

IPP Policy Research Scholar Dr. Judith Stallmann is quoted in a CBSNEWS.com article regarding job creation tax credits.

The Boone County Clerk, Wendy Noren was recently awarded a $740,000 grant from the Department of Defense Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). In her application for the grant, County Clerk Wendy Noren proposed to collaborate with researchers from the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering, the Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Truman School of Public Affairs to research and develop outreach, education and online systems.

IPP Policy Research Scholar Dr. Clark Peters is quoted in a Columbia Daily Tribune article regarding how the Penn State scandal has sparked a look at abuse reporting laws and the possible effect of changing such laws.

Emergency food assistance is an important piece of the food system for many households but little is known about food bank operations, the types of food that are provided and the opportunities and constraints of food pantries. The MU Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security surveyed Mid-Missouri food pantry directors in 2010 to assess these factors. Directors reported that food pantries are accomplishing much with little, that they see the need for an improvement in the quantity and quality of food available through the pantries, and that their communities have unmet food-related need, including a need for education.

IPP Policy Analyst Jake Cronin has conducted numerous interviews with radio stations across the state, including NPR and KMOX, regarding his policy brief on the impact of correctional educational programs on Missouri inmates.

IPP Policy Research Scholar Dr. Lael Keiser's research is featured in a Washington Times article regarding the effect of race on school principals and teachers.

In the spring of 2011, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS) was awarded a Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) grant, a three year grant aimed at reducing teen pregnancy rates. The Department contracted with the Institute of Public Policy to assist in the evaluation of the project. The evaluation has three phases: 1) developing and executing the evaluation; 2) assisting in selecting the implementation sites; and 3) analysis and report writing.

The Institute of Public Policy worked with Dr. Charles Sampson and his Human Resources class at the Truman School of Public Affairs to conduct a survey of City of Columbia employees. The survey sought to examine motivation, teamwork, trust in leadership, and overall employee engagement. Results were then shared with City of Columbia.

IPP’s long time client the Missouri Arthritis & Osteoporosis Program along with the Regional Arthritis Centers were highlighted in a Wall Street Journal Article.

IPP Policy Analyst Diana Costa has taken a position as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) with the US State Department and will be leaving the Institute on March 15. Diana worked in the Institute as a graduate student and was hired for a regular position when she graduated. In her time at the Institute, she worked on several major projects, including the 3 year Healthy and Active Communities evaluation for the Missouri Foundation for Health and the multi-year grants management and evaluation project for the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Eric Grietens speaks to attendees of the Social Innovation WorkshopThe Truman School of Public Affairs has officially launched its Social Innovation Project (SIP). Through a workshop series and one-on-one mentoring, this project will provide the tools to help transform some of our most promising undergraduates into the next generation of leaders who will tackle society's most intractable social problems. Dr.

The Institute of Public Policy received a grant from the US Election Assistance Commission to recruit college students with disabilities to be poll workers in the 2010 elections.

Associate professor Dr. Lael Keiser has joined the Institute of Public Policy as a Faculty Research Scholar. In this role, Dr. Keiser contributes to policy research at the Institute.

The Department of Counseling Services at Harris-Stowe State University (HSSU) was awarded a grant to participate in a national effort of reducing the risk of substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis at Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) through the development of peer-led, culturally and age-appropriate prevention services.

The Institute of Public Policy (IPP) in the Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri, alongside the MU Office of Disability Services and the Boone County Clerk, is recruiting students with disabilities to serve as poll workers for the upcoming November elections.