The Institute of Public Policy is the source for independent, nonpartisan public policy analysis for Missouri.

Established in 2000 as an integral part of the Truman School of Public Affairs, IPP works to examine critical public policy issues for policy makers and citizens, focusing on six main areas:

Policy Analysis

IPP’s publications and reports present academic policy research to the public realm to:

  • increase the quality of information available to decision-makers
  • educate the public about specific policy issues
  • emphasize the importance of independent, nonpartisan data and analysis


IPP also provides a wide scope of services to the university, the state of Missouri – both legislative and executive branches – county, city and municipal governments, and nonprofit organizations across the state.


The institute has forged strong collaborative arrangements with a wide range of departments, schools and colleges at MU. Policy research scholars from across campus provide valuable objective research on current issues.


We also provide support and a management focus for:



Graduate Student Learning

As part of the Truman School, IPP is also committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow.

IPP’s graduate research assistants gain hands-on experience with research, program design, evaluation, data entry and management.