Judith Stallmann

Research Interest

  • Rural and regional economic development
  • State and local public finance

Stallmann’s research areas include state and local public finance, rural economic development and fiscal and economic impact analysis. She is currently working on issues of state and local government taxes and expenditures in Missouri and how Missouri compares with other states. Applied research topics include: the impact of retirees on the economy of rural areas, economic and fiscal impact analysis for small areas, educational incentives for youth, rural labor and family incomes, and part-time farming. Dr. Stallmann has published in: The Review of Regional Studies, The Economic Development Quarterly, The Gerontologist, The Journal of the Community Development Society, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Choices, Youth and Society, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Women in Natural Resources, Society and Natural Resources.

She teaches economics for public policy analysis and directs the interdisciplinary MU Community Processes Graduate Certificate.

Dr. Stallmann is a Fellow of the Southern Regional Science Association. She has served on the editorial boards of the Review of Regional Studies, Journal of the Community Development Society, Review of Agricultural Economics and Choices. She is a former president of the Southern Regional Science Association and the Community Economics Network and has served on the Executive Councils of the North American Regional Science Association, the Southern Regional Science Association and the Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics. She has served as a consultant to the Government of Honduras, the United States Agency for International Development, and the International Labour Organisation. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras.


  • PhD from Michigan State University

Selected Publications

Public Expenditures and Economic Growth

Judith Stallmann, David Valentine, Andrew Wesemann

Taxes and Growth…How Do We Find Balance?

Comparing Taxes in Missouri and Surrounding States

Judith Stallmann, Andrew Wesemann, David Valentine

Midwestern Analysis…Where Does Missouri Rank?

Economic Development Incentive Programs: Some Best Practices

Judith Stallmann, Thomas Johnson

Importance of Carefully Managing Economic Incentives

Thinking of Tax Policy as a Portfolio

Judith Stallmann, Thomas Johnson

Breaking Down Criteria for Evaluating the Tax Systems

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