Regional & Economic Development Publications

Project Report

Building Resilience Guidebook

Zach Buckler, Zhengting He

How can communities assess disaster resilience and vulnerability? The EPSCoR project sheds light on the process with a new online tool and guidebook.

Status of Women in Missouri 2017

Soo-Yeon Cho, Ph.D., Sam Bezjak, Anna Holyan, Muhammad Muinul Islam, Emily Johnson

Status of Women 2017

Planning for a More Resilient Future: A Guide to Regional Approaches / Executive Summary

Brian Dabson

Brief Takeaways for Developmental Organizations to Improve Regional Resilience

Planning for a More Resilient Future: A Guide to Regional Approaches

Brian Dabson

Explore Ways Regional Development Organizations Can Increase Regional Resilience for the Future

Status of Women in Missouri

Jacqueline Schumacher

Status of Women in MO

Missouri Emergency Management Preliminary Analysis

Sonja Erickson

Developing Effective Emergency Response Systems

County Level Resilience and Vulnerability Index

Kathleen K. Miller, Brian Dabson

How Should We Define and Measure Community Resilience?


Brief Archive 2009-2014

Regional Resilience: Research Policy Brief

Brian Dabson, Colleen Heflin, Kathleen Miller

Coping With Disasters...Are We Ready?

Public Expenditures and Economic Growth

Judith Stallmann, David Valentine, Andrew Wesemann

Taxes and Growth…How Do We Find Balance?

Missouri’s Energy Outlook

Brian Dabson, Josh Meyers

How Can We Move Towards Diversifying Renewable Energy Sources?

Comparing Taxes in Missouri and Surrounding States

Judith Stallmann, Andrew Wesemann, David Valentine

Midwestern Analysis…Where Does Missouri Rank?

Assessing the Impact of Missouri’s Tax Credits An Update

Brian Dabson

 The Missouri Tax Credit Review Commission; Measuring the Success of Tax Incentive Programs

Rural Entrepreneurship in a Time of Recession

Maria Figeuroa-Armijos, Brian Dabson, Thomas G. Johnson

Why Rural Necessity Entrepreneurs Should be Supported During Times of Recession

Community Resilience: Understanding the Economic Impacts of Disruptions in Water Service

Colleen Heflin, Jennifer Keller Jensen, Kathleen K. Miller

What Case Studies can Tell us About Affects of Water Service Disruption

Assessing the Impact of Missouri’s Tax Credits

Brian Dabson, T. G. Johnson, A. Wesemann, M. Figueroa-Armijos, J. Stallmann

Tax Credit Programs…Do They Help or Hinder Missouri's Economy?

Internet Sales and Use Tax Issues in Missouri

Ying Huang, John Kosash, Andrew Wesemann

Is Increasing E-commerce Actually Hurting State Revenue?

Economic Development Incentive Programs: Some Best Practices

Judith Stallmann, Thomas Johnson

Importance of Carefully Managing Economic Incentives

Thinking of Tax Policy as a Portfolio

Judith Stallmann, Thomas Johnson

Breaking Down Criteria for Evaluating the Tax Systems

Regional Resilience: Research and Policy Brief

Brian Dabson, Colleen Heflin, Kathleen Miller

Washington DC: National Association of Development Organizations

Project Report Archive 2003-2014

Seven Steps to Increasing Rural-Urban Economic Connections in Central Appalachia

Brian Dabson

To Market, To Market…Getting Rural Goods To Urban Markets

Brief Archive 2003-2008

Evaluation of Major State Taxes in Missouri

Judith Stallmann

Isolating State Taxes to Analyze their Effectiveness

Missouri’s State and Local Taxes

Judith Stallmann

Overview Comparison of State and Local Taxes

Missouri’s State & Local Revenues, Debt & Intergovernmental Revenues

Judith Stallmann

Overview and Insight into Missouri Revenue… State and Local

Missouri’s State & Local Expenditures

Judith Stallmann

Graphical Overview of Missouri Expenditures… State and Local

Missouri’s Sales, Personal Income & Corporate Income Taxes

Judith Stallmann

Context and Graphical Insight into Sales and Income Tax