Project Report Archive 2003-2014

Community Input Report (Executive Summary)

Jacqueline Schumacher, Christian Arment, Erin Meyers

What could the Child Service Fund Provide for the Community?

Community Input Report (Full)

Jacqueline Schumacher, Christian Arment, Erin Meyers

Boone County Communities Decide How To Help Their Neediest Children…

Seven Steps to Increasing Rural-Urban Economic Connections in Central Appalachia

Brian Dabson

To Market, To Market…Getting Rural Goods To Urban Markets

Boone County Issues Analysis: Basic Needs & Emergency Services

Jacqueline Schumacher

Understanding the Critical Issues Facing At-Risk Populations

21st Century Community Learning Center Grant 2011-2012 Final Report

Emily Johnson, Jill Nicholson-Crotty, Megan Schoor

Explore the Effect and Impact of the Columbia Public Schools’ After School Programing

Missouri Department of Corrections Community Reentry Funding Round 4, 2011 – 2012 Final Report

Christian Arment, Emily Johnson, Sean Nicholson-Crotty

How has Reentry Funding Helped Offenders Assimilate Back into the Community?

Demographic and Poverty Data Supplement for Boone County, MO

Jill Lucht, Jacqueline Schumacher

Data Supplement Provides a Closer Look into Poverty in Boone County

Children, Youth and Families Final Report

Caren Bacon, Elizabeth Pafford

Report Combines Context and Statistical Analysis to Address Issues Facing Children, Youth, and Families

Independent Living Final Report

Jacqueline Schumacher

How are we Tracking Indicators of Community Aptitude for Independent Aging Citizens?

Economic Opportunity Final Report

Jacqueline Schumacher

How can we Identify and Analyze Regional Economic Opportunity?

Mental Health Final Report

Jacqueline Schumacher

How can Mental Health Indicators Provide Insight into the Effectiveness of the Identification and Treatment Process?

Maternal & Child Health Needs Assessment Report

Emily Johnson, Christian Arment

Assessing Maternal and Childhood Health Needs… Rural and Urban